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Daltile Isis™ Glass Tile


Isis™ Glass Tile - Colors - BUY NOW or Call 1-866-960-TILE for the Best Price on Daltile Isis™ Glass Tile!

Isis Series | BUY NOW


Winter White IS10 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Amber Gold IS13 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Brick Dust IS16 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Candy Apple IS19 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Oyster IS22 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Black Coffee IS25 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Wisper Blend IS28 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Pewter Blend IS31 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Whisper Blue IS11 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Kiwi IS14 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Chocolate Sundae IS17 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Marigold IS20 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Pewter Gray IS23 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Cream Blend IS26 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Amber Blend IS29 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Winter White IS10 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Cedar Wood IS15 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Mystical Grape IS18 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Polo Blue IS21 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Smoke Gray IS24 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Kiwi Blend IS27Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


Polo Blue IS30 Solids 1”x1” Mosaic


 The possibilities are astonishing with this Isis™ Glass collection. Take advantage of the sixteen comprehensive colors and six blends, using them as borders, decorative accents or as field tile. Walls, backsplashes, and pool lining, both residential and commercial, are more stylish than ever before with this multifaceted mosaic collection.

    • Strong random shading enhances the natural beauty of this product. To achieve optimal results, tile should be selected from multiple cartons and shading arrangement planned prior to installation.
    • Since there are variations in all fired ceramic products, the tile and trim supplied for your particular installation may not match these samples. Final color selection should be made from actual tiles and trim and not from tile and trim samples or color reproductions. Manufactured in accordance with ANSI A137.1 standards.
    • Solid colors stocked in glossy finish only. Frosted finish available via special order with extended lead time.

 For our Best Price Call 1-866-960-TILE | M-F 10am to 5pm EST.

IS10 WINTER WHITE, IS16 BRICK DUST, IS21 POLO BLUE, IS11 WHISPER BLUE, IS17 CHOCOLATE SUNDAE, IS22 OYSTER, IS12 CREAMPUFF, IS18 MYSTICAL GRAPE, IS23 PEWTER GRAY, IS13 AMBER GOLD, IS19 CANDY APPLE RED, IS24 SMOKE GRAY, IS14 KIWI, IS20 MARIGOLD, IS25 BLACK COFFEE, IS15 CEDAR WOOD, IS26 CREAM BLEND, (IS12 25%, IS15 25%, Light Cedar** 25%, Light Amber** [frosted & gloss] 25%), IS27 KIWI BLEND (IS14 25%, Dark Kiw i** 25%, Linen** 25%, Mint** 25%), IS28 WHISPER BLEND (IS11 25%, IS22 25%, Dark Whisper** 25%, Dark Oyster** 25%), IS29 AMBER BLEND (IS12 40%, IS13 20%, IS16 20%, IS17 20%), IS30 POLO BLEND (IS10 [frost & gloss] 35%, IS21 [flost & gloss] 15%, IS23 20%, Light Polo** 30%), IS31 PEWTER BLEND (IS10 25%, IS24 [frost & gloss] 25%, IS23 25%, IS25 25%)

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